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John Flournoy, M.S.

John Flournoy, M.S.

Doctoral Student, Department of Psychology
M.S., University of Oregon
B.A., UC Berkeley

I’m broadly interested in social cognition, its neural underpinnings, and related change dynamics. More specifically, I focus on the interplay between processes involved in self perception and the perception of others (person perception), with an emphasis on examining development and individual differences. In one line of research, I’m working to understand social influences and biological substrates of pro-social and risky decision making during adolescence. A second line of research investigates predictors of change in personality over the lifespan.

Computationally intensive analytic techniques are instrumental for learning about processes of change from large datasets. Tools I employ include multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, machine learning, and neuroimaging. Beyond my own work, I am dedicated to supporting sound methodology broadly at the University of Oregon — I’m a regular contributor to our local R Club, and a loyal companion of the intrepid Bayesian adventurers. If you’re looking for methods classes, this is a good place to start.

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